Collecting Cadillacs

A brief word about the collector car market as it is today:

The opportunity has never been better to purchase a collector or special interest car. As the stock market declines, more investors are looking to put their money into hard assets that they control, and make no mistake about it, there is a tremendous amount of money out there despite what the news is reporting. Like gold and silver, collector cars have worldwide appeal, and accelerate in value even as the stock market declines.

In 1987, we saw the worst stock market decline since the Great Depression. In the next 12-24 months, however, the value of collector cars skyrocketed – many doubling and tripling in value. For example, a Jaguar E-Type convertible, then a $20,000 car, increased in price to $60,000-$80,000. Ferraris selling for $200,000 quickly became $1 million motorcars. Again in 1991, as the Gulf War raged on, we saw a recession at home. Once more, these cars saw an immediate increase in value, even as the market declined. Unlike the stock market, you control these assets, and they will NEVER be worth “nothing”. Stocks will come and go but these tangible assets will always at least retain their value and most often will gain significantly.

These investments can provide you with both the pride of ownership and the pleasure of showing and driving. Now is the time to buy these great assets – as the stock market continues to decline, these secure investments will continue to increase in value. Rare and sought after models like the one shown here will provide both years of enjoyment and a stable, if not profitable return. Put simply, the smart money is buying right now!

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