All about the Bicentennial – Last of the BIG Eldorados!

All Bicentennials start out loaded with all available equipment including the hard parade boot. The only exception to this will be if your car was produced for the California market, then it will include the VJ9 California Emission Equipment & Testing option at a cost of $50.00. All are #11 Cotillion White body color, White Leather Interior with red piping, Dark Firethorn Carpet with red dash and seat belts. All have a white convertible top. The pin stripping, #3 Blue and #8 Red is unique to this model only. Blue and Red are both on the hood but only the Red extends down both doors. Another unique item is the Wheel Cover Centers, they are painted Cotillion White to match the body where as all other Eldorados came with #19 Sable Black Centers. Another item that lets you know you have arrived is a small gold engraved plaque on the dash just above the glove box door. It states “This 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado is one of the last 200 identical U.S. production convertibles”




All of these items will be there if indeed you truly have one of these cars, BUT, the only way, without a doubt, to be sure is to check the Body Number Tag.   All Eldorados have one of these tags.

To locate your Body Number Tag and number, check under the hood below the windshield on the passenger side close to the firewall.  As you can see it is a black metal tag with the top line reading BODY BY FISHER. The end of the second line is where you find your Body Number.  If you have a TRUE Bicentennial Eldorado your number will be between and including numbers 013801 thru 013999. There are only 199 of these cars out there.

That is it! 

#14000 was the last one made and is held by GM making it #200. This is the only way to know for sure if you have a true ‘1976 Cadillac Fleetwood Bicentennial Eldorado’.

Hopefully this helps explain what to look for when on the hunt for this truly Rare and “Last of the Breed” BIG Eldorados.

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